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Be a part of the next big food revolution in India and join the new wave of digital franchising


Food delivery is the future of the restaurant food services industry in India. It will be a Rs 2,50,000 Cr market in the next 10 years. Customers across the country are already ordering food online and this trend is only continuing to grow and at a very fast pace.

Early movers always meet with success. Be one of the early movers and set up a business that will profit from this wave of online food ordering. Learn How.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cloud Kitchen is a commercial kitchen which is primarily selling on online food platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon and through its own website channels. Significant part of the business is from online sales with limited take-away and deliveries. There is no customer seating and dine-in in such establishments.

    Since there are no dine-in customers, multiple brands can be run from the same kitchen, increasing the overall orders you receive while also improving the efficiency of operations.

  • Cloud Kitchens enjoy significant advantages over a regular restaurant

        Lower rentals since the location need not be on high street. Customers find you through the online ordering platforms and for this your kitchen does not have to be in expensive rental zones.
        Minimal investment overall and specifically on interiors and customer seating as compared to a dine-in restaurant
        Very low costs of changing locations in case business does not pick up
        Ability to run multiple brands from the same kitchen, leading to increased operational efficiencies
        Minimal chances of failure through de-risked multi brand approach
        Ease of running the business remotely since orders, metrics and all other data is available remotely.
        Sharp focus on metrics and reviews coming in from customers every day allow you to keep improving and be the best on the online platforms
        Easy changing of the levers of discounting, advertisements, menu and price changes are available to ensure business is performing optimally, which is very difficult in offline restaurants
        Very minimal wastage since everything is designed to be made after the order is received.

  • Online food ordering market, led by Cloud Kitchens, is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 24% to reach INR 2,50,000 crores in the next 10 years with 200 million customers ordering online. More and more people are comfortable ordering online and this trend is growing rapidly aided by

        Increasing income leading to aspirations to try out new food and cuisines and compounded by busy schedules leading to reduced cooking at home
        Convenience of getting the best food delivered right at home, any time of the day and in any weather conditions
        Avoid the hassle of traffic and parking in city center areas
        Safe and involves less interaction which is critical in the post Covid world

  • Online food aggregators are available in more than 500 cities in India and continuing to expand. Please connect with us and we will help you in determining the suitability of Cloud Kitchens at your location. In smaller cities, we may tweak this model to ensure there is enough space for take-aways.

  • Kouzina Food Tech Private Limited is a leader in the Cloud Kitchen business with over 40 kitchens across multiple cities. Started in 2013 by founders with deep expertise in food retailing, ecommerce, technology and online markets, the company has rapidly grown in the last few years leveraging the Cloud Kitchen model. The company is backed by some of the best investors from across the globe and has a vision of setting up a 1000 kitchens across the country in the next 3 years.

    You can find the profile of our founders here
    Gautam Balijepalli, CEO
    Mahesh Madiyala, COO
    Sumit Gupta, CTO
    Rohankumar Rao, Head of Operations

  • Today, Kouzina operates in the categories of cakes, desserts, ice creams, shakes and fast food like burgers, rolls and wraps. We are expanding into other categories such as Momos, Biryanis and many more to increase volumes from our kitchens.

    All of these categories are chosen based on the demand data from food delivery platforms to ensure high volumes at every kitchen irrespective of the geographical location and are not affected by local preferences.

    Also visit our website to view our products available through our own delivery.

    WarmOven is our primary brand. Fresh cakes, available on demand and as per customers requirement of size and flavor and the convenience of home delivery has made WarmOven the biggest online bakery brand in the country.

  • You as a food entrepreneur have a lot of options for franchising. However consider the following aspects before choosing the right option

        Unlike other franchisors, Kouzina actively helps you receive orders by managing your restaurant page on Swiggy, Zomato and other food aggregators and will put our best practices into play. This will drive a significant number of online orders. Additionally our website receives a lot of orders which will be channelled to you in your city/territory
        Kouzina team has strong expertise in menu definition, pricing, discounting, and increasing visibility to push more online orders which will be implemented in discussion with you. Traditional offline franchises have very limited options to help you on these fronts
        Cloud Kitchen model takes away the risk of getting the location right, reduces wastage significantly compared to any of the offline players
        Multiple brands increase efficiency in the kitchen and lead to higher number of orders from same location
        Kouzina supports you in maintaining trained workforce with on-demand support for training, virtual training videos and continuous assessments for all your staff
        State-of-the-art technology platform and reports to ensure smooth and efficient operations and daily visibility into metrics and customer ratings.
        Lower initial investment, lower risks and faster payback period as compared to other franchise options

  • Kouzina team will help you through every stage of the journey and will always be there to lean on as you scale the business.

        Data driven location survey to help in finding the right location
        Program management and kitchen layout planning to help launch the kitchen within 30 days
        Support in access to centralized vendors for ingredients & equipment offering industry best deals
        On-boarding on 3rd party aggregator platforms
        Best negotiated commissions on 3rd party aggregator platforms
        Digitised training and assessment to all staff
        Own channel for direct orders
        Additional brands and categories available to you on an ongoing basis
        Data analytics dashboard for pricing, discount planning, menu engineering
        Ongoing support on helping drive orders to your kitchens. Our brand team will work with you to drive online orders and website orders to your kitchens. We will leverage our expertise to make you one of the top brands in your city.
        Ongoing support to ensure you have the best trained staff, help you with the implementation of best-in-class inventory management and process support
        Packaging innovation to help create best-in-class customer experience for food delivery
        Continuous brand building through online marketing and social media activity like facebook, google ads, instagram posts etc to help build brand awareness

  • Your role as a franchisee is very critical in ensuring the business is a success. You should be a dynamic individual passionate about food. Additionally, you should be

        An aspiring food entrepreneur with local knowledge of the city, with interest to spend at least a couple of hours a week to manage operations and review the business growth.
        Having financial capability to invest about INR 15-20 lakhs
        Networked to drive bulk orders, party orders and website orders for cakes and theme cakes
        Ability to use technology and ensure process compliance and metrics adherence.
        Manage local on the ground operations, licenses etc. You should have a local accountant and auditor to manage the P&L and all required regulatory filings

  • Initial investment required is as follows.

    ** Registration fees vary based on the city. Our team will share the details with you once you have expressed your interest.
    ** Fees are lower for smaller cities and towns, as compared to Metros

Kouzina provided me with an opportunity to realise my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and now a very successful one! With my first kitchen being a success, I am looking forward to my second one following the same journey!

Glancy Fernandes

KKP Owner at Mangalore

Kouzina has allowed us to enter this fast growing industry of food delivery with the advantage of established brands and user friendly technology. This is disruptive to the space of hospitality

Ajay Handa

MD at Hans Inn Pvt Ltd, KKP Owner at Hubli

Subha Narayan Rout


What I believed would be a small business set up for me, turned out quite successful. Team Kouzina is extremely professional & helped me set up my kitchen from scratch. They are quick to respond to queries and assist regularly with day-to-day operations. This makes it very easy to keep the kitchen functioning without any hiccups. Suggestions are welcomed & feedback is well appreciated by the company. If you are looking to start a cloud kitchen, partnering with Kouzina is your best bet!



Kouzina is a great company & WarmOven is a great brand to be associated with. Working with Kouzina changed everything for my business. I would definitely recommend partnering with Kouzina for those interested. Their team has been actively involved at every step of the setting up phase. We are highly satisfied with their assistance. They gave us clear instructions on what needed to be done so that we were up & running within just a few days of signing the agreement. The team is accessible at all times to help us with our business. We are very happy with our partnership with Kouzina.



It has been a great experience, starting from a hassle free set up to smooth operations now. The staff of Kouzina are very helpful and guided us through every step of setting up our kitchen. We are now prepared to handle every delivery with ease. Their operating systems and procedures are very easy to understand & implement. WIth the strong technology platform, smooth functioning of multiple brands from the same kitchen is enabled. We look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term association and hope to expand our partnership further.



Our experience with Kouzina has been a good one. A highly supportive ops team led by an inspiring management team helped me open my kitchen effortlessly. I want to thank everyone at Kouzina for their constant support. It opened doors of opportunities for me as a businessman. The support extended by everyone at Kouzina is something that I've never heard in the food franchising industry. Kouzina is the best and they behave like true partners. With this kind of consistent support, I aim to be the best in the city!